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Plastic Bags

bag reuse



PLASTIC BAGS. We supply a multitude of different plastic bags for a variety of applications.

PLAIN CLEAR BAGS come in many sizes and thicknesses to cater for products as diverse as bird seed to landscaping products. The following are sizes we normally stock, many other sizes can be ordered in if required, these are low density polyethylene.

PRESSEAL CLEAR BAGS are resealable bags that can be used over and over again. We have many sizes in stock.

SHOPPING BAGS also known as singlet bags are commonly used in retail stores like supermarkets due to their strength and cheap cost.
We stock several sizes  Small, medium, large & Jumbo bags, we also have degradable bags and a thicker REUSABLE SHOPPING BAG that complies with Government regulations in some States.

FREEZER & FRUITERER BAGS in dispenser packs and on rolls are strong cheap plastic bags but lack the clarity of the plain clear bags

PLASTIC BOUTIQUE BAGS we stock 2 sizes in a variety of colours, sturdy, colourful bags that look a little bit more upmarket.

BREAD BAGS available in a plain or stock print bag, Micro perforated crusty pack bags are also available.

CUSTOM PRINTING on all of the above plastic bags can be organised through our sales office, 0243229844 - be aware that minimum quantities apply and that the lead time in getting bags printed can be several weeks.

CELLOPHANE BAGS are not plastic but offer a biodegradable clear bag option.


P10825 200X250MM 25 MICRON 100 1000
P12825 300X200MM 25 100 1000
P121025 300X250MM 25 100 1000
P13925 330X230MM 25 100 1000
P171025 430X250MM 25 100 1000
P181220 450X300MM 20 100 1000
P181225 450X300MM 25 100 1000
P241425 600X350MM 25 100 1000
P161238 400X300MM 35-38 100 1000
P181238 450X300MM 35-38 100 1000
P261635 660X400MM 35 100 1000
P8450 200X100MM 50 100 1000
P9650 230X150MM 50 100 1000
P10850 230X150MM 50 100 1000
P13750 330X180MM 50 100 1000
P13950 330X230MM 50 100 1000
P16950 400X230MM 50 100 1000
P181250 450X300MM 50 100 1000
P241450 600X350MM 50 100 500
P361850 915X450MM 50 100 500
P362450 915X600MM 50 100 300
P1830075 740X450MM 75 50 300
P1812100 450X300MM 100   500
P2415100 600X380MM 100 50 400
PPBL 740X430MM 125   200


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